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Turn Your Back On Them

As the years of my life have accumulated I have come to see that mass political action is a hopeless vehicle for the purposes of reclaiming humanity’s inborn freedom.  The only purpose for which collective action is appropriate is the further erosion and eventual destruction of all that is good about the human being.  Therefore, it has become clear to these eyes that the time has come to dispense with mass collectivist efforts to achieve non-collectivist goals, for such efforts are analogous to one shooting himself in order to save his own life.  

This truth begs two questions; is there any hope for freedom, moving forward and if so, what are the means that might allow us to realize the goal?

I see only one broadly applicable answer: withdrawal of consent.  All political oppression depends in large part upon the consent of the oppressed.  “Governance” could be substituted for “oppression” since by and large the practical results are the same.  Imagine the truth of this: all the Maos and Stalins and Hitlers and Pol Pots, the Roman emperors, kings of Europe, the hidden despots whispering sweet nothings into the manifold “leaders” and other tyrants of history would have never been able to come to power without the consent of some critical mass of the populations around them. Without that mass, all those personalities would have amounted to nothing better than a bunch of loud-mouthed windbags who stood for a brief moment upon their soapboxes only to be ignored and ultimately relegated to the dust of ignominy.

But they were not.  They were given credibility and loaned the force of super-human instrumentality through the consent of those around them.  The stupid, the lazy, the avaricious, the timid, the corrupt; all the types that find the tyrant so attractively enticing such that they glom on to him and become willing to commit the greatest atrocities imaginable in the name of his grand visions of conquest or in the name of “the people”, each case equal partners in fraud against all that is right and good about being a human being.

Consent to that which is intolerable to the point of being suicidal stands to be the death of these last vestiges of freedom.  We are well down that path that leads us in return to the abject slavery from which the Founders of the United States pointed us away.  We complain about the destruction of our rights and of all the insanity that has thus far attended it, yet we do nothing substantial to bring it to an end.  All the while, the fact that our active or passive consent is the only thing enabling the tyrants appears to escape the greater majority of us.  Could it be we are so hopelessly stupid?  Or is it perhaps just a matter of convenience that we not openly acknowledge the truth?  After all, to acknowledge this fact would pretty well demand we each do something about it, namely, withdraw it.

And that is the point of this blog.  The only thing that is going to get the tyrant off our backs is to take positive action against him and the best action one can take is to withdraw his consent to be governed by those holding no moral authority to do so.

Therefore, this is my first message to those who value their freedom: withdraw your consent to stifled and violated by your fellows regardless of their fancy titles, the hats they wear, and their empty proclamations and mandates that you submit to their arbitrary and self-assumed “authority”.  Be well aware that no man holds such authority over another.


Withdraw your consent.  Refuse to cooperate.  Force the tyrant and his lapdogs to exhaust themselves in their labors to oppress and otherwise violate your sacred right to freedom – to act and live in accord with the dictates of your conscience.  Run them ragged; wear them out; try their patience at every turn and frustrate them until their blood boils.  Force them to rage.  Demand they justify themselves beyond the pathetic, “because it is the law”.  Hold them accountable for every word and deed they utter and execute.


Question all claims of authority and make them “prove” that they have it, that it is legitimate, and that you are morally required to comply.  Give them no quarter.  Give them NOTHING.  Make their lives so miserable, their tasks so overwhelmingly daunting that they find themselves ultimately forced into the corner of having to make the fundamental decision to either back down or become openly, physically violent.  Allow the NOTHING other than this choice, because to do otherwise is to leave them the loopholes that serve only to enable their perpetuation.

Finally, the one act of which I encourage all freedom loving persons to get into the habit is that of turning your back on them.  Throughout history, the turning of one’s back on the king or other authority figure has been considered a gesture of contempt for the authority figure and was often punishable up to and including death.  I openly and unequivocally advocate that each and every one of us, when confronted with tyranny turn your back to them, physically and most literally.

At political events, when evil words issue from the mouths of speakers, stand and turn you back to them.  When police or any other authority engages in violations of your rights, turn your back to them.  Get into this habit and never stray from it.  Let your message be received loudly and clearly that neither do you approve of nor do you consent to the behavior at hand.  Give them nothing, save your refusal.  Become as a ghost to them as you withdraw from their blowhard bluster.  Let them go on if they will, but participate ye not a whit for it is your participation, you tacit consent through that participation that lends force and apparent legitimacy to their criminal actions.  That makes you complicit in their crimes.  

Do not be complicit.  Resist at every turn.  Become a yawning chasm into which the tyrant and his minions can do naught but turn away or fall into.  Provide them no foothold onto the territory of your sacred right to live freely. 

Turn your back on them.


More to come.